Inspire to Imagine

Inspire to imagine
Traveling Exhibition
Finalist at Foromic organized by the Inter-American Development Bank
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2019

We design an immersive, multi-sensory experience that shares our culture, our history, and our ecology. It combines the work of specialists including researchers, writers, designers, animators, videographers, editors and special effects wizards. Our goal? To capture the imaginations of young adults, and educate them about their land and inspire them to think big.


After the flood

After the flood

We have tolerated social separation for several months thanks to art. Countless “streams” of music, movies, and documentaries have filled some of that void in our lives. To further this cultural concept, we have conceived a unique meeting place in the public space. The construction is an open place to bring art to the streets, an almost therapeutic place, where the universal language of music, light, and sound helps to improve our state of mind.

Our solution uses an inexpensive common structural framework that is often used in stage productions because of it modular and easy assembly. We’ve organized the scaffolding in a triangular grid to generate patterns and natural forms that recall the visual language of the native peoples. The fractal dimension of the system adapts to any context, allowing solutions at different scales, creating “open fields” that facilitate multiple uses: trails, kiosks, shelters, and galleries among others.

This ephemeral design for urban furniture allows us to offer concerts during the day and audiovisual exhibitions at night. It is equipped with a tracking system that counts the number of visitors in real-time to modify the audio and video content presented. Users interact with the structure (as well as others), thus changing the looks and sounds of the environment.

Imagery is projected on all of the surfaces with the installation, and together with the sound, build a fluid and dynamic space, a kind of rainbow of color, sights, and sounds that represent resilience and hope in the face of adversity.