Our concept is a luxurious eco-friendly home designed for a remote part of the tropics. We took this idea and created a fully integrated, detailed architectural project named, Casa Maxima. We wove together the principles of great design and combined that with sustainability and durability to create a vision of beauty and functionality that blend seamlessly with the natural environment around it. Casa Maxima is to be constructed with an industrial structural system that is covered with local materials allowing organic integration with the landscape. The house is designed to have a zero-carbon footprint, producing all its needed energy from solar panels covering the entire building. The use of faceted surfaces inside incorporates natural sunlight and ventilation to every area of the home.


Modularity & Fractal Expansion
At the heart of the design is an innovative and transferable modular system design that will allow growth over time.
The vision of the client is to develop the property to offer spaces and infrastructure systems that would support family, friends, and potential future investors that want a similar home design. Additionally, the home needed to adapt to the conditions of the land, be expeditiously executed and showcase design principles that offer a vision of modern luxury at a reasonable price.
The system mixes traditional construction techniques with the use of stone and a basement construction system typical of warehouses and industrial buildings. Our modular system is fast to build and holistically adapts to the singularities of the land.



Merge with Nature
Structurally, our aesthetically designed home will be constructed with a system consisting of a massive central foundation plus a matrix of supports that are both integrated and independent within the structure. This design creates greater economic viability and at the same time securely anchors the house giving it tremendous longevity. To further achieve this, we support the entire system with a myriad of vertical metal structures W columns/beams and an interlocking corrugated steel floor deck that are all quick to assemble. The roofing is a combination of insulated sandwiched polyurethane panels, metallic reinforcement, and tiles embedded with photovoltaic cells. The walls of the home use fiber cement panels coated with a gabion system.



Through the use of steel construction, the work can be completed faster and 25% more economically than a conventional reinforced concrete structure.
We use the resurgence of gabions in a free and expressive way, giving security, climate comfort, and greater fusion for the house with its surroundings. We have innovated on the traditional construction criteria for a home by exercising greater control with the aesthetic appearance of stone, releasing the structural role of stone and using it as an enclosure.
In principle, we use independent foundations that are joined together along with a steel framing system that allows for the ultimate in stability and elevates the rooms to the needs of air and light circulation.

CO2 Lifecycle Assessment
We have embraced the concept of “cradle to cradle” in the selection of materials that are recyclable, safer, and more sustainable. Our approach in reducing energy and costs in our design is accomplished by the fact that 40 percent of the house uses stone from the site, creating economic and ecological value. The principal material, steel, is the fourth most common element on earth, one of the most recyclable materials in the world, and products made from steel can be repurposed for a greater lifespan. Fiber cement is a lightweight solution for the enclosures, it’s a low carbon footprint material, leaves little residue in its utilization process, is resistant to impacts, pests, fungi, and moisture, as well as complies with international standards and certifications.



Steel frame of W columns and beams, an interlocking corrugated steel floor, insulated sandwiched polyurethane panels, fiber cement panels coated with a gabion system.

Acerca de Instalaciones Multimedia

Nos especializamos en instalaciones interactivas, video mapping, e iluminación avanzada. Ofrecemos consultorías a empresas y marcas para contar historias a través de instalaciones multimedia.


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