Managua Lab it’s an experimental studio directed by Ricardo González Mejía, explores the intersection between architecture, new technologies, and multimedia. Its practice includes architecture, exhibit design, audio-visual installations, and immersive branding experiences. Their designs have been displayed in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

Ricardo González-Mejía (b. Managua, Nicaragua), an architect, trained in Caracas, Venezuela, is a Fellow of the New York Foundation for the Arts and worked in New York City for more than a decade with some leading architectural firms.

Since 1998, González has created «experiential design» installations where architecture uses a holistic approach to achieve an atmosphere or emotional state by integrating images, lighting effects, and sounds. The visitor is immersed in a multi sensory experience that facilitates the non-linear communication of a storyline. This type of installation is very flexible and can be applied to a wide range of fields: culture, entertainment, music, exhibition, and could also be adapted to the commercial arena.


•Bid_20: Mention – Digital Category, Madrid Spain 2020

•Foromic 2019 by IDB_Lab.
Finalist – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2019.

•Bid_18: Mention – Digital Category, Madrid Spain 2018

•Bid_16: Mention – Digital Category, Madrid Spain 2016

•Bid_14: Mention – Digital Category, Madrid Spain 2014

•Bid_10: Mention – Interior Design Category, Madrid Spain 2010

•New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, NYFA.
Category Architecture and Structures of the Environment,
New York 2004

•Honorable Distinction for the 50th Annual Design Selection International Design Magazine. Category Environments 2004

•Design and Direction of the Venezuelan Pavilion at the Lisbon ’98 Universal Exhibition, Ministry of Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela 1996 – 1998

•II Pirelli Salon for Young Artists: Honorable Mention, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela 1995


Inspire to Imagine

After the Flood